Bet365 Soccer Sports Betting Odds and Free Bets


Betting on sports can be exhilarating, frustrating and just an all out adrenaline rush all at the same time. What happens on the court, field or pitch matters to you when you are trying to beat the odds. A buzzer beater can be the difference between winning a big bet and losing it all. That's what makes it exciting and what can make it so frustrating.

Things have relaxed legally for online gambling, and for sports betting in particular in the United States. There are now more options in their sportsbook available to gamblers looking to make a wager.

In the United States, where the sport is less popular, it can be hard to find a place that offers a deep sportsbook for the sport of soccer. A good option that has emerged is Bet365. Their soccer sportsbook is one of the largest available.

No deposit needed to see betting lines

You can peruse Bet365's full soccer sportsbook for free - there is no requirement to place a bet. Gamblers can look at Bet365's soccer game lines going on either live or about to start. After seeing the odds, they can start betting and making deposits.

Bet365's soccer betting options include all of the most popular leagues in the world. There are offs for every English Premier League game. You can make a bet on the game you think has the best line or simply place your Bet365 soccer wager on your favorite team whether its Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City or any of the other teams at the top division.

Soccer sportsbook is worldwide

Other leagues are available in the Bet365 soccer sportsbook too. They have insights about Major League Soccer, both Brazil Serie A and B, all the top European leagues, the Mexican league and many others.

Bet365's soccer sportsbook isn't limited to just league play either. UEFA Champions League games will also have odds available to be bet on. Of course when the national teams play, the games will often be presented with insights as well.

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Regular bettors can earn big rewards with Bet365

One of the things that sets Bet365 apart in the sportsbook industry is its habit of rewarding loyal customers with free bets. A lot of places will hand out this type of promo to players just to make them deposit. You can get this offer with no deposit uniquely at Bet365.

The site rewards its returning or regular guests with free bets more often than competitors. The bets can be used on a Bet365 soccer wager or any other sport depending on the terms for the specific promotion they are running when the bets are awarded. It can be the bet that swings the odds in your favor.

Free bets can be something like a free 10 dollar bet on the Super bowl or something that occurs more frequently like an English Premier League match.

Rewarding loyal guests promotes more action on games

Bet365 offers free bets for a simple reason- to attract new guests. These bets can be offered as part of a deposit bonus, but they are really about getting guests to check out the sportsbook.

A guest may load the Bet365 soccer sportsbook to use the bonus offer and once they are, there they see a game they believe has great odds and end up placing an additional wager to bonus that brought them there.

Free bets are great for both the site and the guest. It helps create a loyal member because they feel appreciated with frequent rewards handed out and it keeps guests playing with Bet365 helping them make more money.

Favorable odds give bettors plenty of options

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Experienced bettors know that the real key to a sportsbook is the odds. Bettors don't want bad odds or if they don't align with the general consensus. These can swing things unfairly to the host or keep a bettor from making a wager for a game they plan to watch.

Bet365's sportsbook has fair odds. Soccer bettors at Bet365 can look over the games and select the one with the odds they believe they can beat. It's easier said than done obviously but the true sports enthusiasts can always find a game they think is good and safe to bet on.

While this review is really about the Bet365 soccer betting options, the site does have a massive sportsbook that rivals any out there for the amount of games, sports and leagues available.

Among the other available sports on Bet365 are football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, Australian rules football, boxing and mixed martial arts, cricket, cycling, darts, golf, motor sports, rugby, table tennis, and virtual sports. It is an exhaustive list.

Soccer fans that are confident in their knowledge would be hard pressed to find a better option than the soccer betting options at Bet365. The amount of games at your disposal with so many leagues with lines posted gives bettors quality options every day of the week. Thanks to having practically every sport in existence it is also a solid choice for bettors who are interested in other sports.